Smallest portable computer

My newest project is about making the smallest portable computer possible and I am working on that with the whole world or, at least, those who watch my lifestream. You don't believe me? Check it out for yourself and join us!

The Sound Torch

The Sound Torch sets your music on fire. The fire adjust to the beat of music and you literally see the song you love. It makes every party much cooler. It was launched on kickastarter on Dec 2015 and I am currently finishing few details with my team and we are going to ship it to customers. Only few more left!

The Growth House

I wanted to make a system that makes it possible to achieve great thing even if you are the most lazy person ever (and I might be that myself), so me and my co founder ended up with a strict accountability / scheduling system. Seven guys living togheter scheduling every 30 min of your day and forcing each other to complete the great things we set out to achieve.

Gaming Alibi

Video editing services that allow you to enjoy more gaming while less editing. The service will handle everything and allows you to get a video that was watched by real watchers whom picked the best parts so the success is guaranteed. Currently on pause.

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